An analysis of the Pan-European transport network

Doğan, Torgay
This thesis analyses the process of the creation of the Pan-European Transport Network connecting the European Union with the neighbouring regions and Caucasus and Central Asia in the long run. The thesis focuses on the incentives in establishing a continental transport network stemming from the nature of the capitalist relations between market and national and supranational forces in the margins of the global economy. In this context, the parallel processes of the acceleration of the European integration and the establishment of the Pan-European Transport Network are explored. Furthermore, in the thesis, the components of the Pan-European Transport Network, namely the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T), the Pan-European Transport Corridors and Areas (including Turkey), and the Eurasian transport routes are analysed. The thesis seeks to show that the Pan-European Transport Network has been planned to ensure the economic and political cohesion of the European Union and regulate the trade relations between Europe and Asia, including the transportation of the energy resources. The lack of specific analyses on the main problem of the thesis and the incrementalism in the processes of the European integration and development of the Pan-European Transport Network induce the interpretation of the raw and first hand information, such as technical reports, intergovernmental declarations, official documents, speeches and press releases.


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T. Doğan, “An analysis of the Pan-European transport network,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.