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The influence of digital technologies on the interaction of design and manufacturing processes

Çıngı, Güney
This study aims to analyze and evaluate the influence of digital technologies on the inter-action of design and manufacturing processes by representing an outlook of digital tech-nologies through developments in modeling capabilities, manufacturing techniques, mate-rial science, and design strategies. The digital era reached by the technological developments in different fields of sci-ence influenced the field of architecture, just like the others. Thus, a new kind of spa-tial and tectonic quality in architecture is emerging with the lately introduced design tools and materials that are novel to the building industry, while redefining the role of architect in this contemporary medium. The evolutionary process of Frank O. Gehry and his office, being a pioneer in using digital design and manufacturing tools in architecture, is represented with realized examples that point out the formerly discussed developments in the realm of architecture and visualize the tectonics of the digitally designed and produced buildings; culminating with the case study of Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.