Actualization of the virtual: new consideration of space and time in architecture

Küçükbaşlar, Burcu
This thesis explores the interaction between virtual and actual realms in architecture through digital design process and developing environment qualities thereby. The focus will be on the projects that are designed in digital medium to be generated in physical environment. By examining the design attitude of selected four projects in this context, this thesis claims that the two realms of virtual and actual are interdependent. The framework of the study is based on Gilles Deleuze̕s definitions of أactualization of the virtualؤ, and أrealization of the possibleؤ. In this study, besides its connotations of digital technology, the concept of virtual is highlighted with its meaning of أpotentialؤ. The philosophical discourse on virtual and actual proves that the relation between these two realms has a potential to generate new conceptual fields. According to this study, for architecture أactualization of the virtualؤ, cultivates the أunforeseen relations and new connectionsؤ in terms of new understandings of space and time. This study introduces the conceptual pairs of form-unform, autoplastic-alloplastic space and linear-nonlinear time to develop discussions on the concerned process. The aim is to explore new space and time considerations both in the design process and in the physical architectural environment generated by this process. The emphasis will be on how responsive and interactive environments speculate the established conceptions of space and time in-between virtual and actual realms. This thesis claims that the architectural projects between virtual and actual are subject to break the traditional understandings of space and time.
Citation Formats
B. Küçükbaşlar, “Actualization of the virtual: new consideration of space and time in architecture,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2006.