An inquiry into "architectural scenario"

Ertuğrul, Elçin
This study is an inquiry into the phenomenon of ءarchitectural scenario̕ generally understood as architect̕s temporal projections about his/her real product: the edifice. The means of architectural representation are utilized to display the architect̕s projections in advance of the realization of an edifice. They can also be considered as tangible products to reveal the ءarchitectural scenario̕. The aim of this study is to examine verbal/written and visual modes of ءarchitectural scenario̕ through a historical survey and to uncover its various definitions and interpretations. While elaborating on this issue cinema/filmmaking is used as a paradigm for comprehending the architectural scenario as the process of image construction. ءArchitectural scenario̕ is explored in the frame of architectural representation. This thesis is a reconsideration of the architectural production in terms of conceptualizing ءAS̕, which is inherently valid in the form making processes.
Citation Formats
E. Ertuğrul, “An inquiry into “architectural scenario”,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2005.