Analyses of factors affecting acceptance of homecare technologies by patients with chronic diseases

Kutlay, Ayşegül
In this study, the factors affecting the acceptance of mobile homecare system were examined. These factors were assessed by taking Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) as a theoretical model. The main feature of this thesis (differing from the other studies in the literature) is that the user acceptance study model is analyzed on a system that is not realized yet. So, this study has two dfferent perspectives. The first one is the examination the results of UTAUT for a system in the design phase. The other one is the investigation of the relations of factors that affect the acceptance of mobile homecare by patients with chronic diseases. For these purposes, a homecare system model was formulated based on similar studies in the literature. A quantitative research was conducted on this formulated system. The results were evaluated by Structural Equation Model. According to the results of structural model, all hypotheses were supported and consistent with the earlier study results, which were based on completed and in-use systems. Therefore, this study shows that, for systems in the design level, the acceptance models can also be applicable and may give similar results. The results also show that performance expectance was the most significant predictor for patients‟ intention to use the system. For the proposed system UTAUT was able to provide a reasonable prediction of patients' acceptance of mobile homecare technology for behavioral intention with variance (R2) of 68%.
Citation Formats
A. Kutlay, “Analyses of factors affecting acceptance of homecare technologies by patients with chronic diseases,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.