Analyzing cost structure in logistics sector : a sytem dynamics approach

Kuzucu, Ayşegül
In today's conditions, systems that surround individuals have evolved in structure such that, nature of variable interactions are much more complex and changing continuously. Logistics systems, which constitute an example for such systems, have also necessitated fast management and decision-making in a fast paced environment, under limited sources with the additional effect of increasing customer requirements and competition. In this study, system dynamics approach was shown to be a competent alternative to analyze complex and dynamic systems like logistics systems and its cost structure is studied. A theoretical logistics model with a user interface is presented. Then the developed model implemented in an organization operating in aluminum industry by making the required modifications. A scenario analysis regarding a new investment decision studied. All analysis and modeling studies were carried out in Stella 6.0.1.
Citation Formats
A. Kuzucu, “ Analyzing cost structure in logistics sector : a sytem dynamics approach,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.