Design of a secondary packaging robotic system

Şahin, Hakan
The use of robotic systems in consumer goods industry has increased over recent years. However, food industry has not taken to the robotics technology with the same desire as in other industries due to technical and commercial reasons. Difficulties in matching human speed and flexibility, variable nature of food products, high production volume rates, lack of appropriate end-effectors, high initial investment rate of the so-called systems and low margins in food products are still blocking the range of use of robotics in food industry. In this thesis study, as a contribution to the use of robotic systems in food industry, a secondary packaging robotic system is designed. The system is composed of two basic subsystems: a dual-axis controlled robotic arm and a special-purpose gripper. Mechanical and control systems design of basic subsystems are performed within the scope of the study. During the designing process, instead of using classical design methods, modern computer-aided design and engineering tools are utilized.
Citation Formats
H. Şahin, “Design of a secondary packaging robotic system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.