University preparatory class EFL Students' attitudes towards electronic portfolios as a method of alternative assessment

Yaşar, Engin
This study aims to investigate university preparatory class students̕ attitudes towards the assessment system by which they are evaluated and alternative assessment before and after the implementation of the electronic portfolio, their attitudes towards the electronic portfolio before and after keeping it for two months, their suggestions about improving the electronic portfolio and how keeping the electronic portfolio affects their computer literacy. For this purpose, 19 intermediate level EFL students in the Department of Basic English, METU were chosen as subjects. For this study, data were collected by administering two questionnaires before and after the implementation, conducting informal interviews with the students and keeping a diary in order to record teacher reflection. Then, the data collected through these data collection tools have been analysed. Finally, the results are discussed in order to interpret students̕ attitudes towards the current assessment system at DBE, alternative assessment tools and the electronic portfolio. The findings of this study indicated that although the students are not completely dissatisfied with the current assessment used at DBE, their attitude towards alternative assessment tools, portfolio, and electronic portfolio was also positive before the implementation and keeping the electronic portfolio for two months made their attitudes towards these assessment tools even more positive. In addition, some of the students indicated that using both traditional and alternative assessment tools may reflect better assessment of their performance.
Citation Formats
E. Yaşar, “University preparatory class EFL Students’ attitudes towards electronic portfolios as a method of alternative assessment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.