e-Kampus-IS: Information system for a virtual university consortium

Onay, Pinar
Yalabik, Neşe
Köksal, Gülser
In this study, an information system for a virtual university consortium is designed. This consortium is assumed to be formed by a large number of educational institutions from diverse geographical regions as well as some private companies specialized on e-learning. A hybrid learning approach according to which students will spend part of their time in the nearest campus is planned. The organizational, technical and educational models of the system are proposed. A centralized structure with tight connections to local universities is designed. Traditional organizational functions are to be handled by current units and new units are proposed to perform functions specific to a virtual university. The technical model that will interconnect the central and local institutions is developed. Network infrastructure, how data flow is handled among institutions and the software infrastructure are determined. The software will unify the general services provided by traditional universities, and services specific to a virtual university. © 2005 IEEE.


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