Implementation and comparison of the advanced encryption standard finalist algorithms on tms320c54x

Serter, Ahmet Volkan
Implementation aspects of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Contest finalist algorithms (MARS, RC6, RIJNDAEL, SERPENT and TWOFISH) are studied on TMS320C54X processor. The C codes written by Brian Gladman in 1999 are adapted to TMS320C54X and the speed and memory usage values are compared with the adaptation of Karol Gorski and Michal Skalski̕s implementation in 1999. The effects of implementation environment are investigated by comparing the two implementations. The sensitivities of the finalist algorithms to plaintext, key and key length variations together with the possible reasons are studied and scrutinized. Three of the algorithms, MARS, RC6 and RIJNDAEL, are implemented on the same platform by using the assembler language. The results show that assembler implementations are improved with respect to C implementations 13% for MARS, 16-20% for RIJNDAEL and 21-28% for RC6.


Implementation of stanag 428 hf modem software on tms320c54x digital signal processor
Örümlü, Erhan; Baykal, Buyurman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
In this research, STANAG 4285 HF modem software is implemented on TMS320C54x fixed point digital signal processor. The software is optimized in order to meet real-time operation requirements. A fractionally spaced least mean square (LMS) decision feedback equalizer (DFE) is employed for the receiver. In order to improve the convergence of the LMS algorithm a multipass technique is utilized. Based on Watterson̕s model, an HF channel simulator is employed for evaluating the performance of the modem. The simul...
Performance optimization of monopulse tracking radar
Şahin, Mehmet Alper; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
An analysis and simulation tool is developed for optimizing system parameters of the monopulse target tracking radar and observing effects of the system parameters on the performance of the system over different scenarios. A monopulse tracking radar is modeled for measuring the performance of the radar with given parameters, during the thesis studies. The radar model simulates the operation of a Class IA type monopulse automatic tracking radar, which uses a planar phased array. The interacting multiple mode...
Implementing and evaluating the coordination layer andtime-synchronization of a new protocol for industrial communication networks
Turan, Ulaş; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
Currently automation components of large-scale industrial systems are realized with distributed controller devices that use local sensor/actuator events and exchange shared events with communication networks. Fast paced improvement of Ethernet provoked its usage in industrial communication networks. The incompatibility of standard Ethernet protocol with the real-time requirements encouraged industry and academic researchers to provide a resolution for this problem. However, the existing solutions in the lit...
Robust data hidings scheme with turbo codes
Ünal, Barış; Ergül, Rüyal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2005)
This study describes the design and implementation of a robust data hiding algorithm which is provided by turbo codes. As the digital technology grows up, it is getting easy to copy and distribute multimedia products without getting legal permission. This has forced researchers to study in digital watermarking areas. Along with watermarking researches, data hiding studies have gained interest in the last decade. Different watermark and data hiding algorithms have been proposed considering different requirem...
Multi-scan data association algorithm for multitarget tracking
Ağırnas, Emre; Demirbaş, Kerim; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
Data association problem for multitarget tracking is determination of the relationship between targets and the incoming measurements from sensors of the target tracking system. Performance of a multitarget tracking system is strongly related to the chosen method for data association and target tracking algorithm. Incorrect data association effects state estimation of targets. In this thesis, we propose a new multi-scan data association algorithm for multitarget tracking systems. This algorithm was implement...
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A. V. Serter, “Implementation and comparison of the advanced encryption standard finalist algorithms on tms320c54x,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.