Development of a micro-fabrication process simulator for micro-electro-mechanical systems(mems)

Yıldırım, Alper
The aim of this study is to devise a computer simulation tool, which will speed-up the design of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems by providing the results of the micro-fabrication processes in advance. Anisotropic etching along with isotropic etching of silicon wafers are to be simulated in this environment. Similarly, additive processes like doping and material deposition could be simulated by means of a Cellular Automata based algorithm along with the use of OpenGL library functions. Equipped with an integrated mask design editor, complex mask patterns can be created by the software and the results are displayed by the Cellular Automata cells based on their spatial location and plane. The resultant etched shapes are in agreement with the experimental results both qualitatively and quantitatively. Keywords: Wet Etching, Anisotropic Etching, Doping, Cellular Automata, Micro-fabrication simulation, Material Deposition, Isotropic Etching, Dry Etching, Deep Reactive Ion Etching
Citation Formats
A. Yıldırım, “Development of a micro-fabrication process simulator for micro-electro-mechanical systems(mems),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.