An Elastic-Plastic Beam Element

Eren, Ahmet M
In this thesis, a two node nonlinear elastic-plastic beam finite element is developed to analyze large deformations. The system of equations are derived from virtual work principle, and the updated Lagrangian formulation is used. Material is assumed to be isotropic and rate insensitive obeying J2-flow rule. Work hardening characteristics of material is considered and all nonlinear terms are included. For the two node iso-parametric beam element a layered model is used to analyze through-the-thickness distribution of elastic and plastic zones. A finite element program is developed and the numerical outcomes are compared with the experimental results. A good agreement is achieved between numerical and experimental results.
Citation Formats
A. M. Eren, “An Elastic-Plastic Beam Element,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.