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Discussion and evaluation of mining and environment laws of Turkey with regard to eu legislation

Şafak, Şükrü
Turkey is trying to become a member of the European Union. Within this frame, studies are proceeding for harmonization of the Turkish legislation with the EU legislation. European legislation might have positive or negative impact on the mineral extraction industry and national mining law. Since there is no title directly related to mining policy in the EU legislation the mining policy of EU was evaluated especially under the titles“energy” and “environment”. In this thesis, the Turkish mining regulations and the environmental aspects of the mining activities have been investigated and discussed in comparison with those of EU. The latest developments about mining sectors of Turkey and EU have been evaluated and the comparison between EU directives and Turkish laws and regulations about mining have been made. In this study, modifications that should be realized in laws and regulations and measures that should be taken by Turkey as a candidate country for EU discussed and some proposals have been made.