Exhibition space as the site of isolation, unification, and transformation

Özkal, Güneş
This thesis re-evaluates the exhibition space as a site of “indeterminacy” defined by the dialectical interaction of architectural space and art object. The ways in which different forms of space-object interactions are constructed, and the architectural tools used to accommodate the exhibition event will be the departure points of this investigation. In this respect, the cases of Dia Beacon, Tate Modern and Stazione Leopolda will be analyzed and the means of “indeterminacy” will be elucidated by using the conceptual tools of “isolation”, “unification” and “transformation”. With the aid of these three cases, the aim of this study is to comprehend the architectural potentials in exhibition practice, which functions in extreme conditions of constantly altering states, environments and relations.
Citation Formats
G. Özkal, “Exhibition space as the site of isolation, unification, and transformation,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2006.