Feature based modulation recognition for intrapulse modulations

Çevik, Gözde
In this thesis study, a new method for automatic recognition of intrapulse modulations has been proposed. This new method deals the problem of modulation recognition with a feature-based approach. The features used to recognize the modulation type are Instantaneous Frequency, Instantaneous Bandwidth, Amplitude Modulation Depth, Box Dimension and Information Dimension. Instantaneous Bandwidth and Instantaneous Frequency features are extracted via Autoregressive Spectrum Modeling. Amplitude Modulation Depth is used to express the depth of amplitude change on the signal. The other features, Box Dimension and Information Dimension, are extracted using Fractal Theory in order to classify the modulations on signals depending on their shapes. A modulation database is used in association with Fractal Theory to decide on the modulation type of the analyzed signal, by means of a distance metric among fractal dimensions. Utilizing these features in a hierarchical flow, the new modulation recognition method is achieved. The proposed method has been tested for various intrapulse modulation types. It has been observed that the method has acceptably good performance even for low SNR cases and for signals with small PW.
Citation Formats
G. Çevik, “Feature based modulation recognition for intrapulse modulations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.