New space organization and development alternatives in METU-Tech (METU Technopolis)

Ekiz, Cem
The analysis of METU-Technopolis buildings and their space organizations indicates that there are two kinds of designing and planning tendencies in METU-Tech. One of them is Northern European and other one is North American Type of office which are also known as two important office designing approaches in the world. Northern European and North American Type of office organizations have different approaches in shaping office space. While Northern European type places far more emphasis on using office space to support staff morale and thus to add value to organizational performance, North American type tends to overestimate cost minimizations. These two types of designing tendencies in the world have had enormous effects on METU-Tech building design. While some buildings like Silicon Block and Silver block give importance to functions in space, and cost minimizations, others like Twin Building gives more importance to space quality and occupancy needs. The aim of this study is to introduce these two different kinds of office design approaches in METU-Technopolis by examining Silicon Block, Silver Block and Twin buildings. These buildings have been examined in three main scales which begin with urban design scale, Macro-Scale development, then Middle-Scale development and finally Micro-Scale development and buildings activities in architectural scale. In macro scale, Urban Design Studio’s METU-Tech workings, and in middle- micro scale, advantages and disadvantages of these two space organizations manner have been introduced in detail on Silicon Block, Silver Block and Twin Building. Furthermore, all these three building’s statistical information, capacities, and design specifications have been presented in drawings, graphics, and photos.
Citation Formats
C. Ekiz, “New space organization and development alternatives in METU-Tech (METU Technopolis),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.