Intermetallic phase formation at Fe-Al film interefaces

Temizel, Güvenç
This thesis presents the formation mechanism of intermetallics formed at Fe-Al film interfaces. Al thin films with different initial film thicknesses were coated on low carbon steel substrates by physical vapor deposition (PVD). By annealing the system at different temperatures and for different time intervals, several intermetallic phases were observed. X-Ray, SEM and EDS studies showed that intermetallic phases FeAl2 and Fe2Al5 are most dominant phases which were observed and they formed sequentially on the contrary of intermetallics which formed synchronous in bulk materials.
Citation Formats
G. Temizel, “Intermetallic phase formation at Fe-Al film interefaces,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.