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Analysis of preformed plasma condition of Ni-like Mo X-ray laser media

İnce, Sevi
The aim of this work is to produce X-ray laser source from a plasma produced by focusing a pulsed laser beam on a solid target. Preformed Molybdenum plasma is created by using Nd:YAG laser pulses with a pulse duration 6 ns and pulse intensity 5.09x1011 W/cm2. Detailed simulations of Ni-like Mo X-ray laser media are undertaken using the EHYBRID code which is a hydrodynamic code. X-ray resonance lines between 25 Å and 40 Å emitted from the molybdenum plasma have been obtained and analysed. EHYBRID code also gives an information about the electron temperature, electron density, efficient ionization degree and plasma expansion distance of the Ni-like Mo X-ray laser media. An experimental set-up to produce preformed Mo plasma for x-ray laser has been designed for a future work.