Analysis, design, and implementation of a 5 kw zero voltage switching phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC converter based power supply for arc welding machines

Uslu, Mutlu
Modern arc welding machines utilize controllable high frequency DC/DC power supply with high dynamic and steady state current regulation performance. In the design robustness, small size and low weight, low complexity, and high efficiency are the defining criteria. The most suitable approach for a 5 kW arc welding machine power supply application is the high frequency Full-Bridge Phase-Shifted Zero Voltage Switching (FB-PS-ZVS) DC/DC converter with an isolation transformer. This converter not only gives the advantage of zero voltage switching for a wide load current range, it also provides reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and reduced component stress compared to standard PWM converters. In this thesis a FB-PS-ZVS DC/DC converter with 5 kW power rating is designed for modern arc welding machine applications. IGBTs are utilized at 50 kHz switching frequency for high efficiency and control bandwidth. The output current of the DC/DC converter is controlled via a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control platform. The performance of the designed DC/DC converter is evaluated via the computer simulations and the experimental study of the constructed prototype.