A survey on photographic representation in architectural magazine covers : covers of Arredamento-Mimarlık

Sert, Gül Berrak
This study has an aim of exploring how a Turkish architectural magazine, Arredamento Mimarlık, communicates itself to the reader by its cover designs. Since, representation is a tool for architects to transmit ideas and express positions in the discipline of architecture, usage of representation in architectural media has a critical role to promote the communication in architecture. The theoretical framework of the research based on the photographic image investigation of Roland Barthes. In the light of this investigation, the study cites that photographic images with accompaniment of texts transmit messages which construct the communicative role of magazine covers in architectural media. In the realm of predefined identity of a magazine, the interpretation of cover concept confronts with a critical position which identifies magazine’s approach to both architecture and its mediatic character. Since Arredamento-Mimarlık is a significant magazine which has a discursive approach on cover concept, the publication history and critical position of the magazine is investigated elaborately in the light of Bülent Erkmen’s, the designer of the covers, and Uğur Tanyeli’s, the managing editor, citations. Through this survey on Arredamento Mimarlık covers, the representation of architecture in media through a significant representative tool-magazine cover- is studied in terms of signification character of image and text. In this sense, the critical role of magazine which orients the comprehension of architecture in society is emphasized as a discursive value in addition to magazine’s informative character.
Citation Formats
G. B. Sert, “ A survey on photographic representation in architectural magazine covers : covers of Arredamento-Mimarlık,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2006.