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Architectural built form and public dialogue : an evaluation of public wall in its communicative role

Güçlü, Tuğba
This thesis is a study on the interface of public built form and the open public space surrounding it. The aim is to explore the problem of the transition between interior and exterior public space, that is the exterior skin of the public built form: its public wall. Public wall is explored as an in-between element belonging to both spaces, which forms the dialogue of these spaces. The dialogue is studied in terms of communicative qualities. A conceptual framework is established for the analysis of the public wall. To develop the communication notion further, two milieus of communication of the interior and exterior public space are discussed: transparency and de-materialization. At the end, in order to examine how the theoretical approaches turn into practical solutions, some contemporary architectural examples of public buildings are evaluated in relation to the established framework of the public wall. Therefore, the emphasis given on the subject of public wall is supposed to contribute to the network of relations in the cityscape, and activate those relations, as these relations of built form and open space are at the base of urban realm.