A critical perspective on state failure, its consequences, and reconstruction of the state Afghanistan : a case study

Gökçe, Süleyman
This thesis attempts to provide a critical perspective on state failure together with its consequences, and how the reconstruction of state is carried out in the aftermath of failure. The thesis commences by discussing the emergence of ‘modern’ nation-states, and proceeds by analyzing how current patterns of statehood respond to the classic nation-state denominations. Examining the concept of state failure, the thesis aims to verify whether established characteristics of statehood are applicable in view of contemporary dynamics of state weakness. The thesis then observes the difficulties for upholding inherent weaknesses in a state against the pressing nature of the contemporary dynamics of international relations; and, thus explores avenues for frameworks preventive to state failure, as well as postfailure resuscitation of states when these frameworks fail to take effect. Putting this analysis into perspective, the thesis discusses various aspects of international community’s engagement for reconstruction of the state in Afghanistan, a country which represents an example for state failure and collapse par excellence, in the frame of a case study. Drawing from this case study, the thesis highlights the shortfalls and successes of state reconstruction in Afghanistan, in an attempt to provide useful hints for similar future engagements elsewhere.


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S. Gökçe, “A critical perspective on state failure, its consequences, and reconstruction of the state Afghanistan : a case study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.