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A one-line numerical model for shoreline evolution under the interaction of wind waves and offshore breakwaters

Artagan, Salih Serkan
A numerical model based on one-line theory is developed to evaluate the wind wave driven longshore sediment transport rate and shoreline change. Model performs wave transformation from deep water through the surf zone and computes the breaking parameters. The formula of longshore sediment transport rate used in the numerical model is selected as a result of comparative studies with the similar expressions and the field measurements. Offshore breakwater module of the numerical model is developed to compute the change of shoreline behind single or multiple offshore breakwaters. The validity of the numerical model was confirmed by comparing model results with the shoreline change given within the sheltered zone behind the offshore breakwaters. A series of offshore breakwaters are hypothetically proposed for a case study where a series of groins were constructed whose numerical model results qualitatively matched well with the field measurements. The results of the influences of offshore breakwaters on the shoreline predicted by the model are discussed comparatively with the case study.