An analysis of a transformation : the concept of public service

Uçar (Karabulut), Emel
This thesis evaluates the current transformation of the concept of public service, which has been reflected as new trends in the domain of the public services, within the context of changes in the role of state and the discipline of public administration that have been experienced under the influence of neo-liberal policies of the post-1980s. In the thesis, the concept of public service, which has been used in reference to administrative law, and dynamics of its transformation have been analyzed from the perspective of public administration discipline. In this regard, besides examining what public service is and its basic features, the connection between the transformation of the concept of public service and new genre of public administration, subsumed under the title of new public management, has been investigated. Throughout the study, the process, in which the transformation has taken place, has been examined in the light of the basic tenets of neo-liberalism, new public management, reinventing government and governance approaches by focusing on their distorting impacts on the public characteristics of the public services.


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E. Uçar (Karabulut), “An analysis of a transformation : the concept of public service,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.