A comparative evaluation of knowledge and income spillovers: the case of Antalya and İzmir city regions

Hasirci, Hediye Nur
The empirical literature in economic geography has recently dealt with two fundamental questions, whether growth or innovation is spatially bounded or not and how far the economic growth is determined by knowledge. In this thesis, relations between economic growth and knowledge relation is discussed from spatial spillovers perspective with the help of spatial econometric techniques. Adding city-region discussion to the existing literature, the thesis aims to evaluate the economic growth and knowledge spillovers from a broader perspective. The selected cases are two dynamic and rapidly transforming centers, namely İzmir and Antalya City-regions and the results suggest the strong relevance of proximity effects and spillovers in both of the cases. Moreover, the analyses show that growth and knowledge spillovers operate in opposite directions rather than a parallel pattern as expected in Knowledge Based Economy discussions.


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H. N. Hasirci, “A comparative evaluation of knowledge and income spillovers: the case of Antalya and İzmir city regions,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.