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The concept of behavioural additionality of public support for private R&D and a methodological proposal for an evaluation framework in Turkey

Gök, Abdullah
The changes in the behaviour of the innovating firm that would not have been the case in the absence of the public support, behavioural additionality, is investigated in this thesis. The theoretical foundations of the concept along with the existing evaluation attempts worldwide are analysed. The need for evaluation in Turkey is established. The design of the TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB programme in question along with the related policy context is described to form a basis for the evaluation of the behavioural additionality. It is revealed that the need for an evaluation of behavioural additionality for the legitimacy of the programme from the data analysis. Finally, given such inputs, the thesis develops a methodological proposal for a framework to evaluate the behavioural additionality of the public support to private R&D in Turkey.