Channel phase and data estimation in slowly fading frequency nonselective channels

Zeydan, Engin
In coherent receivers, the effect of the multipath fading channel on the transmitted signal must be estimated to recover the transmitted data. In this thesis, the channel phase and data estimation problems are investigated in a transmitted data sequence when the channel is modeled as slowly fading, frequency non-selective channel. Channel phase estimation in a transmitted data sequence is investigated and data estimation is obtained in a symbol-by-symbol MAP receiver that is designed for minimum symbol error probability criterion. The channel phase is quantized in an interval of interest, the trellis diagram is constructed and Viterbi decoding algorithm is applied that uses the phase transition and observation models for channel phase estimation. The optimum coherent and noncoherent detectors for binary orthogonal and PSK signals are derived and the modulated signals in a sequence are detected in symbol-by-symbol MAP receivers.Simulation results have shown that the performance of the receiver with phase estimation is between the performance of the optimum coherent and noncoherent receiver.
Citation Formats
E. Zeydan, “Channel phase and data estimation in slowly fading frequency nonselective channels,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.