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An architectural dimensions based software functional size measurement method

Gencel, Çiğdem
This thesis study aims to examine the conceptual and theoretical differences of Functional Size Measurement (FSM) methods, to identify the improvement opportunities of these methods and to develop a new FSM method. A comprehensive literature review is performed and two multiple-case studies are conducted as a research strategy. In the light of the results obtained, some improvement suggestions on two of the most challenging improvement opportunities identified for FSM methods are made improvement opportunities which are related to the conceptual and theoretical basis of FSM and the extension of the applicability of these methods to different software functional domain types. The work behind these suggestions involves the critical examination of the concepts “functionality” and “functional size” and the depiction of “types of functionality” considering the components of software architecture and the forms of information processing logic performed in different software functional domain types. Based on the suggestions made, a new FSM method, called ARCHItectural DIMensions Based FSM (ARCHI-DIM) is developed conforming to the ISO/IEC 14143-1 standard. A third multiple-case study is conducted in order to evaluate the new method and to identify future directions for FSM methods.