Quality assessment of the armourstones for some Black Sea rubble mound breakwaters

Özden, Utku Ahmet
Black Sea coast line is a hazardous region especially in winter due to the dominant wave action. Therefore, rubble mound breakwaters used as ship shelters are vital structures especially for the fishermen. Construction of the breakwater requires good quality durable armourstones. Due to the nature of the rubble mound breakwaters, armourstones having various sizes and types are used in the construction of these structures. The deterioration of these armourstones with time in the form of abrasion and disintegration may result in the failure of the breakwater. Therefore, it is important to investigate the durability and quality of the armourstones to be used in these structures. In this thesis, the properties of the armourstones taken from five rock quarries and used in the Hisarönü (Bartın), the Tarlaağzı (Bartın) and the Alaplı (Zonguldak) rubble mound breakwaters were studied both in field and laboratory in order to assess their qualities and long term durabilities. Based on the in-situ observations and laboratory tests, the Kavakdere, Kavukkavlağı and the Tarlaağzı limestones are good (durable) rocks. However, the Çömlekçikuyu andesite is found to be generally marginal rock, and the Kıran sandstone is poor rock. CIRIA/CUR, RDId, RERS and Wet-Dry strength ratio classifications are in good agreement with the in-situ observations and the results of the laboratory tests. However RDIs, Average Pore Diameter and Saturation Coefficient classifications do not fully reflect the reality.
Citation Formats
U. A. Özden, “Quality assessment of the armourstones for some Black Sea rubble mound breakwaters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.