Methodological physicalism

Keskin, Emre
Contemporary materialism, which tries to explain the working principles of the mind and the universe, become less meaningful after the developments in the modern physics. The modern physics showed that the definition of matter, as it is used in defining materialism, is no longer valid. Chomsky states his position as “Chomsky's challenge to materialism” by claiming that with the abolishment of the definition of the matter, there is no reason to defend materialism, which depends on that definition. Therefore, materialism becomes an empty doctrine thus cannot be used in explaining the mind. The developments in the modern physics creates the need for a new doctrine, which can explain the mind and at the same time be compatible with the modern physics and possible any future physics. This new doctrine, the methodological physicalism, aims to explain the mind by using the modern physics. Creating such a doctrine requires understanding of materialism and its form as well as understanding the problems of materialism and its forms. By identifying the defects in materialism and by using the modern physics as a standing point methodological physicalism can achieve a more successful understanding of the working of the mind. By using the modern physics, the methodological physicalism can explain why the currents models of the mind fail. Moreover, it can explain how certain models of the mind constructed, which employs the quantum mechanics while explaining the mind. The methodological physicalism will help understanding the mind where materialism fails to do so.
Citation Formats
E. Keskin, “Methodological physicalism,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.