An analysis of the evolution of multi functional kitchen mixing tools

Tekmen, Yasemin
The topic of this master thesis is the historical investigation of kitchen tools that evolved towards a multifunctional nature. The history of kitchen tools will be discussed with particular attention given to industrialization, technological developments and the effects of mechanization. Following this analysis, there will be a classification that could serve as a resource material for future studies, made according to the activity flow within the kitchen, in order to understand the interrelations within and between these products. This classification will be put forward in the form of a visual table that includes morphological analyses of specifically mixing and beating tools under the topic of food preparation, how they developed historically following the industrial revolution, and how they carry a tendency to become increasingly multifunctional. According to this table, the dispositions and interrelations of these products will be considered, concluding with a situational analysis and previsions for future designs and studies.
Citation Formats
Y. Tekmen, “An analysis of the evolution of multi functional kitchen mixing tools,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.