Mobile structures of santiago calatrava : other ways of producing architecture

Yıldız, Arzu Emel
This thesis conceptualizes the term “movement” as a design medium for producing architecture. The Deleuzian discourse which defines “movement” as “mobile section of duration” comprises the theoretical frame of the study. Santiago Calatrava’s architectural thinking and practice constitute the pragmatic ground on which the Deleuzian formulation of movement is constructed. Mobile structures of Calatrava are analyzed to introduce some design tools that are used to utilize “movement” as a design medium. These design tools are “unfolding”, “rising”, and “revolving”, which provide actual movements; rhythm and shape, which provide bodily movements; structural illusion, representation of nature, and “figura serpentinata”, which provide visual movements. Other than these, “virtual movement”, a term borrowed from Greg Lynn, is discussed as another design tool that is related with movement but produces perceptions of immobility rather than implications of mobility. This discussion emphasizes both the employment of movement issue as a design medium in the architectural production and the uniqueness of Calatrava in the way of conceptualizing the matter architecturally.
Citation Formats
A. E. Yıldız, “Mobile structures of santiago calatrava : other ways of producing architecture,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2007.