Wind and wind wave climate research along the southern part of Black Sea

Çaban, Seçkin
Winds and wind wave climate are two important phenomena for Black Sea basin. Wind wave climate has an important role on design of coastal structures and naval transportation. Despite this fact the wind wave climate is not well known for the Turkish coasts because of limited studies on this subject. The purpose of the present study was to further understand wind and wind wave climate along the Black Sea coastline of Türkiye. For this purpose wind and wind wave data for every 65 months is obtained from ECMWF for and analyzed for 12 locations situated along Black Sea coast of Turkey. For every location the wind [Berkün,2007] and wind wave roses, significant wind wave height vs. Mean wave period relations, extreme probability distribution and log-linear cumulative probability distribution are presented. Also a comparison with previous studies is given for better understanding the wind and wave climate better.