Europe and its others : immigrants and new racism in Europe

Özkan, Yağmur
There is no doubt about the fact that Europe has become home for millions of ex-colonails, guest-workers, refugees, asylum-seekers. However, these new Europeans are not acknowledged to be Europeans but instead they are mostly perceived as not belonging. Being deprived of political and social rights and exposed to economic exploitation make them the European "apartheid". Within this present conjunture, this thesis aims at a modest discussion on ever-rising racism in Europe. It focuses on European racism and in particular the new racism in Europe which has been on the rise since the 1970s and 1980s. It examines European new racism via three exemplary cases (France, Britain and Germany). Out of different histories, economies and out of different racisms, this thesis searches for similarities. In fact, it claims that Europe has a traditional racism which is claimed to be one of the outcomes of the European self-construction process. Therefore, the other point of focus that this thesis engages in is the process through which Europe constructs its identity. It intends to discuss what Europe is and how Europe constructs itself via its Others. It claims that Europe identifies itself on the negation of its Others. Hence, this thesis attempts to discuss the connection between racism in Europe and European self-construction/self-identification process. In other words, this thesis intends to clarify that the self-construction/self-identification of Europe, which has depended mostly on the negation of its Others, has resulted in racist-thinking and racism which has always existent in Europe despite the changes in different peroids and different contexts forming a racist tradition in Europe.
Citation Formats
Y. Özkan, “Europe and its others : immigrants and new racism in Europe,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.