The association between organizational culture and individual factors on medical practice

Saraç, Çakıl
The aim of the present research was to investigate the relationships between patient safety culture within hospitals and individual factors on medical practice among physicians. A total of 240 physicians from ten different hospitals completed the Medical Practice Questionnaire, Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture, Maslach Burnout Inventory and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revised- Abbreviated Form. In order to assess frequency and types of medical errors, Medical Practice Questionnaire was developed by the author. Factor analysis of this Questionnaire demonstrated the existence of four subscales named as Patient Management/Information Delivery Errors, Execution Errors, Procedure Related errors and One Source Errors. ANOVA results revealed that males conduct more Procedure Related Errors than females. In support of the hypothesis, a number of differences observed on patient safety culture between types of institutions that public hospitals received lower scores on most of the safety dimensions. Regression analysis results revealed that personality dimensions and burnout levels were significantly related to types and frequency of errors. Considering significant predictors, while the extravert participants were found to report more Patient Management/Information Delivery, Execution and Procedure Related errors, Neurotics were found to report lower levels of errors on these three dimensions. Regression analysis of burnout levels showed that depersonalization were also associated with these three error dimensions.The level of depersonalization were found to increase the frequency of Patient Management/Information Delivery, Execution and Procedure Related Errors. The research findings however, did not support the assertion in a manner that safety culture dimensions were not found to have main effects on types of errors. The limitations of the current research and implications for further research were discussed.