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The integration process of Romania into the EU : 1989 - 2007

Doğan, Başak
This thesis examines the political and socio economic transformation of Romania during its integration process into the European Union (EU) between 1989-2007. The thesis also explores the impact of the communist heritage on Romania’s relations with the EU in the post-Communist period. The main objective of the thesis is to examine why EU rushed to accept Romania as a full member although Romania didnot fulfil all of the membership requirements of the EU until 2007. The main argument of this thesis is that the EU accepted Romania as a full member despite Romania’s inability to meet all of the membership requirements of the EU can be explained EU’s expectation that it would be easier to eradicate Romania’s Communist heritage after Romania’s EU membership. The thesis has six chapters, including Introduction and Conclusion chapters. Thesecond chapter explores the historical background of Romania. The third chapter examines Romania’s EU integration process between 1989 and 1999 The fourth chapter analyzes Romania’s negotiation process with the EU between 2000 and 2004. The fifth chapter discusses the EU’s evaluation of the Romania’s progress after the completion of Romania’s negotiations with the EU.