A comparative case study on the manifestation of the five disciplines of a learning organization in the english language preparatory programs of two higher education institutions

Erişken Sertdemir, Yelda
This comparative case study aimed to explore the elements that align with Senge’s framework of the Learning Organization, comprised of the disciplines of Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, and Systems Thinking, in the English Language Preparatory Programs of two selected higher education institutions to determine what characteristics of a learning organization they possess. In this study, qualitative case study method was employed. The study was conducted in two organizations, one (Organization A), part of a private Englishmedium university, and the other (Organization B), part of a public Englishmedium university, in Ankara, Turkey. The sample contained seven administrators and twenty-two instructors from Organization A and seventeen instructors and 3 administrators from Organization B. The data collected through semi-structured interviews were analyzed using content analysis technique. The findings revealed that both organizations are evolving towards a learning organization, but have not institutionalized the five disciplines to an ideal state yet. Organization A is doing somewhat better than Organization B as regards the disciplines of Team Learning and Personal Mastery; however, there is no considerable difference between the organizations in terms of the disciplines of Shared Vision, Mental Models and Systems Thinking. Overall, in both organizations there are impediments in terms of the development and achievement of personal visions, learning of individuals and teams, development of a shared vision, surfacing and questioning mental models, and acting from a comprehensive systems approach.


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Y. Erişken Sertdemir, “A comparative case study on the manifestation of the five disciplines of a learning organization in the english language preparatory programs of two higher education institutions,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.