Eighth grade students' skills in translating among different representations of algebraic concepts

Sert, Özlem
The purpose of this study was to determine eighth grade students’ skills of translating among different representations; graphic, table, equation, and verbal sentence; of algebraic concepts. Moreover, it was also aimed to investigate if there is any gender difference regarding the translation skills of students translating multiple representations, and their most common errors in making these translations. For data collection, 18 schools were selected randomly from 103 elementary schools in Çankaya district of Ankara. Then all of the eighth grade students in each school were selected as sample. In total 705 eighth grade students were participated in the study. To assess students’ translation skills “Translation among different representations of algebraic concepts test” (TADRACT) was developed by researcher. Descriptive statistics were obtained to understand students’ achievement in translation process. To compare mean scores of female and male students, the statistical analysis of Independent Samples t-test was used. Every question were examined in detail to determine any misconceptions, and most frequent errors students made in translating among different algebraic representations. The results of test indicated that 8th grade students had poor skill in translations of four different representations; verbal statement, equation, table, graphic; in algebraic concepts. There was no significant difference between mean scores of girls and mean scores of boys. The most problematic translations were from other representations; equation, table, graphic; to verbal statement, and translations from other three representations; verbal statement, equation, graphic; to table were the easiest translations.


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Ö. Sert, “Eighth grade students’ skills in translating among different representations of algebraic concepts,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.