Parenting styles, internalization of values, and the self-concept

Demirutku, Kürşad
In the present study, mediating effects of parenting dimensions between parent values and parent-child value similarity were examined along with the relationships between values, value priorities, parent-child value similarity, and self-evaluations. In the first study, Portrait Values Questionnaire (Schwartz, et al., 2001) was adapted to Turkish in a university sample, and its construct validity was investigated together with its psychometric qualities. In the second study, in both high-school and university samples, hypothesized relationships and mediation models were tested in, in which the mothers, fathers, and students served as the participants. Results indicated that value priorities of parents were systematically related to parenting dimensions. Parental acceptance mediated the relationship between parents’ Self- Transcendence values and parent-child value similarity, and parental control mediated the relationship between parents’ Self-Enhancement values and parentchild value similarity in both samples. Moderations effects were obtained in the university sample. Mothers’ socialization goals moderated the relationship between maternal control and mother-child value similarity in the Conservation domain. In addition, perceived importance of Self-Transcendence and Conservation values moderated the relationships between fathers’ parenting dimensions and father-child value similarity within the same domains. Value priorities were also found to be systematically related to self-esteem in the university sample per se, whereas relationships between parental congruence on value priorities, self-concept clarity and self-esteem were not significant. Results were discussed with reference to relevant literature together with implications and the limitations of the study. Contributions to current socialization research were elaborated and future research directions were highlighted.


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K. Demirutku, “Parenting styles, internalization of values, and the self-concept,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.