"A bridge between home and school" : portfolio assessment in early childhood education

Eren, Tuba
This thesis analyzes the effects of portfolio assessment on preschool teachers, preschool children and their parents. In addition, the effects on school education system of portfolio assessment were examined. This study was conducted in a private preschool in Ankara and the participants included 6 preschool teachers, 10 6 year-old children and their parents. The study had been applied in this school for one year by the researcher. Observations, interviews and questionnaires were used during data collection. Participants were interviewed and questionnaires were used during and at the end of the study. Given the focus of the study to examine and describe the use of portfolio assessment in a preschool, qualitative procedure were used. An interpretive case study was selected to be the method of research design. In order to analyze the data coding system was developed and was used to organize and clarify data gathered from teachers, parents and children. Results of the study were examined based on the research questions. It was found that, preschool teachers had positive attitudes toward portfolio assessment. In addition, this study showed that portfolio assessment supported preschool children’s self-expression skills, self-confidence and their self-responsibilities. Parents also thought that portfolio assessment helped them to investigate their children’s attitudes, interests and capabilities. Lastly, portfolio assessment application affected the preschool education system.
Citation Formats
T. Eren, “ “A bridge between home and school” : portfolio assessment in early childhood education,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.