Analysis of mine accidents and financial consequences to gli mines

Özkan, Gökay
The expenditures resulting from work accidents is increasing every year. Among the other work accidents, mine accidents result important loss of time, money and lives. From the point of view of mine accidents, studies about cost of mine accidents need some contributions. In this thesis, cost of mine accidents to worker, employer, and total economy of country will be analysed in the light of data from Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Insurance Institution, and Türkiye Coal Enterprises. General Analysis is carried out within all industrial sectors, Mining sector, and Coal Mining sector. Detailed analysis is carried out within Western Lignite Company (GLİ). Occupational accidents have vital importance for the mines from legal, human and economic aspects. The goal of every mine should be to minimize occupational accidents. The top management of every mine should prove their commitments to the occupational health and safety policy to carry out this goal by means of preparing and implementing an accident preventing program.
Citation Formats
G. Özkan, “Analysis of mine accidents and financial consequences to gli mines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.