Seasonal variations of particulate and dissolved fractions of phosphorus and related hydrochemical parameters in the Northeastern Mediterranean shelf zone

Doğan-Sağlamtimur, Neslihan


Seasonal circulation and thermohaline structure of the Caspian Sea /
Gündüz, Murat; Özsoy, Emin; Department of Physical Oceanography (2008)
Trace metal composition of particulate matter in the water column and sediments of the Black Sea and regional rivers
Yiğiterhan, Oğuz; Yemenicioğlu, Semal; Department of Chemical Oceanography (2005)
The Black Sea, with its oxic, suboxic and anoxic layers, provides a unique environment for studying how biological and geochemical processes affect the composition of particulate matter. The elemental composition of particles in the Black Sea is controlled by their origin and sources. Particles from rivers are dominated by aluminosilicate material that has compositions similar to the earth̕s crust. In general this material is relatively unreactive. Biological processes in the upper oxic and suboxic layers o...
Optimum design of grillage systems using harmony search algorithm
Erdal, Ferhat; Saka, Mehmet Polat; Department of Engineering Sciences (2007)
Harmony search method based optimum design algorithm is presented for the grillage systems. This numerical optimization technique imitates the musical performance process that takes place when a musician searches for a better state of harmony. For instance, jazz improvisation seeks to find musically pleasing harmony similar to the optimum design process which seeks to find the optimum solution. The design algorithm considers the displacement and strength constraints which are implemented from LRFD-AISC (Loa...
Optimal scope of work for international integrated systems
Ertem, Mustafa Alp; Serpil, Canan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2005)
This study develops a systems integration project scheduling model which identifies the assignment of activity responsibilities that minimizes expected project implementation cost, considering the project risk. Assignment of resources to the individual jobs comprising the project is a persistent problem in project management. Mostly, skilled labor is an essential resource and both the time and the cost incurred to perform a job depend on the resource to which job is assigned. A systems integration project i...
Development of a gis-based monitoring and management system for underground mining safety
Şalap, Seda; Karslıoğlu, Mahmut Onur; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2008)
Mine safety is of paramount concern to the mining industry. The generation of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which can administrate relevant spatial data and metadata of underground mining safety efficiently is a very vital issue in this sense. In an effort to achieve a balance of safety and productivity, GIS can contribute to the creation of a safe working environment in underground (U/G) mining. Such a system should serve to a continuous risk analysis and be designed for applications in case of em...
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N. Doğan-Sağlamtimur, “Seasonal variations of particulate and dissolved fractions of phosphorus and related hydrochemical parameters in the Northeastern Mediterranean shelf zone,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.