A study of high-school students' understanding of chemical equilibrium

Özdemir, Arzu


A study on students' abilities to solve algorithmic and conceptual problems on chemistry concepts
Alp, E; Yilmaz, A; Ertepınar, Hamide; Sungur, Semra; Tekkaya, C (2005-08-28)
A study of integration of a solar energy unit into the physics curriculum of Turkish tenth graders and its effect on students' energy-related attitudes.
Köklü(Bozkıran), Nilgün; Department of Science Education (1984)
A Study on sixth grade students' understanding of multiplication of fractions using Pirie and Kieren model
Düzenli Gökalp, Nurgül; Bulut, Safure; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2012)
The purposes of this study were to investigate sixth grade students’ understanding of multiplication of fractions in terms of the Pirie–Kieren Model of Understanding in the light of use of multiple representations and to improve mapping feature of the current theory to increase depicting power of the maps produced. One of the qualitative research methods, case study design was used. This study was conducted with two sixth grade students at a public school in Etimesgut, Ankara in the spring semester of 2009-...
A study of science teachers homework practices
Taş, Yasemin; Sungur, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren (2014-01-01)
This study investigates Turkish middle school science teachers' homework practices, the value teachers attach to homework and teachers' communication with parents about homework. One hundred and sixty-eight teachers completed surveys. Teachers reported to assign homework frequently: 93.4 per cent of the teachers reported that they assign homework either once a week or at the end of every class. Problem solving and doing research on a topic were the most commonly assigned homework types, while making summari...
A Study of the Prediction of Academic Achievement in the Chemistry Course
Yuksel, Mehmet; Geban, Ömer (2014-04-01)
The present research examines chemistry course achievement in relation to the academic self-concept, attitudes towards the chemistry course and logical thinking skills. The study sample consisted of 252 students in a vocational high school in Ankara who voluntarily participated with convenience sampling method. In the research, the academic self-concept and logical thinking were found be significant predictors on academic achievement. As a result of discriminant analysis, the academic self-concept and logic...
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A. Özdemir, “A study of high-school students’ understanding of chemical equilibrium,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.