Chemical composition of atmospheric particles in the aegean region

Munzur, Başak
Daily aerosol samples were collected at the Çandarlı which is located on Aegean coast of Turkey. A rural site was selected to monitor atmospheric pollution by long range transport. Sampling was performed in both summer and winter seasons, and in total 151 samples were obtained. Concentrations of elements in the samples were measured in order to identify sources and possible source locations of pollutants. Measured concentrations of trace elements at the Çandarlı station were compared with those measured at various sites around the world and, also in Turkey. As a result of comparison, level of pollution at the Aegean Region was found to be lower than the Mediterranean Region and Black Sea Region. Air flow climatology at Çandarlı was investigated in order to determine potential source regions for pollutants. Frequency of air flows from Russia and Western Europe are higher suggesting that emissions from these industrial regions affect the chemical composition of particulate matter. Besides these, it was concluded that contributions from Central and Eastern European countries are significantly high because of frequent air mass transport. Concentrations of elements measured at Çandarlı station were found to show short and seasonal variations. Such variations in concentrations are explained by variations in the source strengths and transport patterns. Positive matrix factorization (PMF) was applied to determine sources of elements and contribution of sources to each element. This analysis revealed 5 sources, two local anthropogenic emissions factor, one soil factor, one sea salt factor and one long range transport factor. Distribution of Potential Source Contribution Function (PSCF) values showed that main sources of SO42- are observed in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and central part of Aegean region.
Citation Formats
B. Munzur, “Chemical composition of atmospheric particles in the aegean region,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.