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A real time test setup design and realization for performance verification of controller designs for unmanned air vehichles

Küreksiz, Funda
In this thesis, a test platform based on real-time facilities and embedded software is designed to verify the performance of a controller model in real time. By the help of this platform, design errors can be detected earlier and possible problems can be solved cost-effectively without interrupting the development process. An unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) model is taken as a plant model due to its importance in current and future military operations. Among several autopilot modes, the altitude hold mode is selected since it is an important pilot-relief mode and widely used in aviation. A discrete PID controller is designed in MATLAB/Simulink environment for using in verification studies. To control the dynamic system in wide range, a gain scheduling is employed where the altitude and velocity are taken as scheduling variables. Codes for plant and controller model are obtained by using real time workshop embedded coder (RTWEC) and downloaded to two separate computers, in which xPC kernel and VxWorks operating system are run, respectively. A set of flight test scenarios are generated in Simulink environment. They are analyzed, discussed, and then some of them are picked up to verify the platform. These test scenarios are run in the setup and their results are compared with the ones obtained in Simulink environment. The reusability of the platform is verified by using a commercial aircraft, Boeing 747, and its controller models. The test results obtained in the setup and in Simulink environment are presented and discussed.