A Feature Based Design Software for Parts To Be Machined in a Four-Axis CNC Lathe

Hatipoğlu, Demiralp
A previously developed feature library and algorithm are improved in order to develop a software capable of designing of parts to be manufactured using a four-axis CNC lathe. The developed program is composed of sections which are; part geometry design, process planning, cutting tool and machining parameter selection, part program generation and G-code simulation for verification. The developed program is capable of designing parts which contain axisymetric features for turning and related operations, and non-axisymetric features for milling on facial, lateral and cylindrical surfaces. Implemented design procedure defines a blank material shape that can be circular or polygonal cross-sectioned bar or a pre-manufactured part. A detailed database is created for proper cutting tool selection and machining data determination. User can either define or let the program to automatically select the cutting parameters like cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut for each cutting tool with respect to the workpiece material being machined. After completing design and process planning procedures; information for generation of the CNC program becomes readily available for editing or transferring to the CNC machine tool. User can also simulate the NC program to verify the tool path. User friendly interface, which runs on Autodesk's INVENTOR software to visualize the design process, allows design and modifications to be done very easily moreover previously designed parts can be redesigned to produce new modified parts.
Citation Formats
D. Hatipoğlu, “A Feature Based Design Software for Parts To Be Machined in a Four-Axis CNC Lathe,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.