Social and spatial production of Atatürk Boulevard in Ankara

Koçak, Feryal Ayşın
Space is a social product and produced socially. For a social analysis, it is therefore necessary to put equal emphasis on conceptualisations of time and space and to analyse the production process of space. This thesis aims to analyse the production of capitalist space and it is based on Lefebvre’s conceptualisation of ‘production of space’ within the context of Marxist urban space theories. It is based on the argument that every mode of production creates its own spaces and the new spaces call for new social relations. In the analysis of space, historical geographical materialism and realist geography are used. In this thesis, the production of urban space of Ankara is analysed with an emphasis on social relations of planning and architecture. Ankara as the capital city is a spatial representation of nation state and national identity. Spatial representations and practices are analysed in terms of Atatürk Boulevard and the squares of Ulus, Sıhhıye and Kızılay. Within this scope, public buildings and monuments, housing, transportation and commercial spaces are examined by drawing on Lefebvre’s conceptual triad of ‘spatial practices’, ‘representations of space’ and ‘spaces of representation’. In the production process of the urban space of Ankara, history of space is considered as the history of its forms and representations and the production of urban space is examined in historical periods. The exploratory type of research used in this study is primarily based on documentary-historical data.


Criticism of technology in terms of social determinism: perspectives of scientists from Turkey
Gökdemir, Fatma Kübra; Ecevit, Mehmet Cihan; Department of Sociology (2009)
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F. A. Koçak, “Social and spatial production of Atatürk Boulevard in Ankara,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.