Criticism of technology in terms of social determinism: perspectives of scientists from Turkey

Gökdemir, Fatma Kübra
Technology conceptualized as a social entity and a relation has attained new meanings and inquired based on different methodological and theoretical standpoints since 1970s. It was widely recognized as autonomous however it emerges and related to social relations and have a determining role on social, economic and political character of societies. The role of technology in transforming scientific knowledge into needs of society is mostly considered within pragmatic understanding. The aim of integrating and questioning the social character of technology lead to critical contemporary discussions of technology. The goal of this study is to question whether technology is socially shaped and dependent or independent/autonomous social entity. That is whether it is largely external-outside of society, exogenous, supra-social and posses its own path or it is a socially dependent entity. This study thus aims to provide a critical inquiry on technological determinism and the social determinism is examined in the light of in-depth interviews carried out with scientists from Turkey. The social character of technology is related to issues concerning the expansion of capitalist social relations: uncertain, risky and rational.


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F. K. Gökdemir, “Criticism of technology in terms of social determinism: perspectives of scientists from Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.