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A switch mode power supply for producing half wave sine output

Kaya, İbrahim
In this thesis; analysis, design and implementation of a DC-DC converter with active clamp forward topology is presented. The main objective of this thesis is generating a rectified sinusoidal voltage at the output of the converter. This is accomplished by changing the reference signal of the converter. The converter output is applied to an inverter circuit in order to obtain sinusoidal waveform. The zero crossing points of the converter is detected and the inverter drive signals are generated in order to obtain sinusoidal waveform from the output of the converter. Next, the operation of the DC-DC converter and sinusoidal output inverter coupled performance is investigated with resistive and inductive loads to find out how the proposed topology performs. The design is implemented with an experimental set-up and steady state and dynamic performance of the designed power supply is tested. Finally an evaluation of how better performance can be obtained from this kind of arrangement to obtain a sinusoidal output inverted is thoroughly discussed.