Synthesis of ferrocenyl substituted quinolines

Velioğlu, Özlem
Quinolines have been studied for over a century as an important class of heterocyclic compounds and continue to attract considerable interest due to the broad range of biological activities they possess. The incorporation of the essential structural features of quinolines with a ferrocene moiety could provide new derivatives with unexpected and/or enhanced biological activities since several ferrocene derivatives have already been shown to be active against a number of tumors. For this reason, we investigated the synthesis of ferrocenyl-substituted quinolines, such as 2-ferrocenylquinoline, by employing the molecular iodine catalyzed reaction between enolizable aldehydes and ferrocenyl imines, which were prepared by the condensation reactions of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde with aniline derivatives. As anticipated, these reactions produced 2-ferrocenylquinoline derivatives. By employing this ethodology, we synthesized 2-ferrocenylquinoline, 6-chloro-2-ferrocenylquinoline, 6-bromo-2-ferrocenyl-quinoline, 2-ferrocenyl-7-methylquinoline and 2-ferrocenyl-3,7-dimethylquinoline. Due to the ready availability of ferrocenylimines and aldehydes, this practical onepot method represents a versatile synthesis of ferrocenyl-substituted quinolines.
Citation Formats
Ö. Velioğlu, “Synthesis of ferrocenyl substituted quinolines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.